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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

Well...a big ice storm hit our area this past Thursday night and these are the repercussions.  Our trees have not snapped in half...but there are some in our neighborhood that have.  Some are without electricity...and I am so thankful that our electricity never went out.  Geoff left for work on Thursday and didn't come home until today.  He works in the same city where my dad lives, and so he stayed there to keep from having to commute here back and forth.  So it was just me and the kiddos.  ;)  We've been good...keeping busy inside...and doing a lot of pajama wearing and movie watching.

I know this ice has done a lot of damage and is a huge inconvenience.....but it's pretty amazing....the icicle.

Our sad, sagging trees.

I especially love that these leaves are golden orange....then coated in a fairly thick layer of ice.

Wouldn't you know it...the ONLY day I work this month is tomorrow morning.  Praying for a safe trip.  Reminds me of my very first day back in January 2011.  And really that whole first week!
And also Christmas last year...when I worked and then didn't come home because I was afraid of snow/ice and having to be back the next morning and didn't see my kids (or family) at all on Christmas Eve OR Christmas day.
So snow/ice days for nurses.  :)  Such is life.  Somebody has to take care of those babies!  When I have to go into work on holidays or days like this....I just remind myself that I am thankful to be going to the hospital to work....and not because my child or husband or loved one is there and sick.  
It's all about perspective.

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Viv said...

Wonderful pictures as usual! Praying for your safe travels to work sweet girl!


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