Sunday, December 22, 2013

Geoff's birthday

Geoff's birthday was last month.  Due to crazy work schedules and life...we still haven't even gone out for his birthday!  But we did try to make it a little special for him.  

The morning of...the girls were my very eager helpers....and made him a birthday cake.  We made my granny's homemade chocolate cake recipe with homed chocolate icing.  So good!

Making homemade cakes = using a flour sifter.  The girls thought this was so fun.  And I remember it being fun for me when I was young, too.

Birthday cake....

.....and homemade birthday cards, and 2 happy little girls all set up and ready for his arrival.

He's home!

Make a wish!  I hope it comes true.

1 comment:

Viv said...

Awe! Bet that he could never imagine being any happier and blessed on his Birthday!


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