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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nolan @ 8 months

Nolan turned 8 months old TODAY.  I haven't taken his growth chair picture, but since I take those about 2 weeks late...then I wanted to at least get this posted today while it's still fresh on my mind.

It does look like I took a few more pictures of him this month than last.

His sisters put this hat on him.  Just because.

I don't really have another baby right now to compare with....but I really think his hands are 'big'...and definitely bigger than the girls' hands were.

-size 3 diapers.  and we've just started putting him in the 'night time' diapers at night because the 'regular' ones seem to leak.  i don't know if they are really any better, but they worked 1 night.  haha!

- to bed between 7 and 7:30.  up between 7:00 and 7:45
-naps...down in the morning around 9:00 and will usually sleep for about an hour to hour and a half; afternoon....down between 1 and 1:30 and will usually sleep about an hour and a half/2 hours

-i just changed up his schedule 2 days ago.  I was nervous because he is still not sleeping through the night...but we have successfully (I think) switched from 5- 6oz bottles a 4- 7 oz bottles a day...and then eating fruit/veggie 2 times a day.  I think he is really liking the 4 hour stretch...and I am, too.  I do worry that 7 oz is a LOT in a bottle...but at the same time, I don't think he's too big and I'll just see how he is at his 9 mo check up next month.  Hey- whatever works, right?

-still not crawling....but is somewhat mobile with his rolling around and scooting backwards.  is showing frustration that he can't go forward.

-loves most all food....i think carrots and pears are his favorites.

A few more pics from this month....

He was a good sport while I wrapped Christmas presents one afternoon.  Loved playing with the paper.

 Happy, happy!

My goodness this girl loves her brother.  But still not so gentle with him.

And this face says it all.  Bless him.  {and bless her, too!}

Big boy started sistting up in the shopping cart.  He loves it!

And it wears him out!

I hate having to wake him up from a nap to pick Parker up from school.....but I do love when I get to take a picture of this sweetness.

He still sleeps in our room a lot of the time...because he's not sleeping through the night and I don't want to wake the girls.  And still sleeps with his hands clasped in front of his face.  Sweet boy.  

Although- towards this end of this month, he's started sleeping on his belly.

Falling asleep in Momma's arms one night.  So tired.

 These 2.

Loves loves loves bath time!  He will seriously try to squirm out of my arms when I walk into the bathroom and he hear's the water running.

Asleep in my arms again...

And....loves to look at himself in the mirror and stick his tongue out and make faces.  Just love him so.

He had a play date with his best friend, Gibson.

And he had his first Christmas.  (more pictures in this post)

I was telling a few people the other day how I have sort of began to feel like I can 'breathe' a little.  Yes- he is not sleeping through the night...and when and if this ever happens it will be life changing.  But....with him having a fairly decent and predictable napping has done wonders.  Plus...8 months in...we're kind of getting settled into a very loose routine.  haha!  I say 'loose'...because although the days are roughly the same...with 3 little ones.....they are all different and can be unpredictable when you least expect it.  But I think I'm more able to roll with the punches now- so to speak.  I'm having so much fun this time around...and I think I'm enjoying him more than I did the girls.....not because of him or them....but because of me....because I'm more laid back..... and with each child...have learned to soak them up just a little bit more.  Because with each's gone faster....and I see more and more how the hard times are really so short and pass before we know it.  And along with those 'challenging times'....the good times pass, too.

It was a busy and full month!  Looking forward to what all his 9th month and new year will bring!


Viv said...

He is the most precious little boy! Growing so fast!

Lisa Williams said...

How cute is he?!?


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