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Thursday, January 30, 2014

getting ready for the Frozen party

I've almost finished the post for Grace's actual Frozen birthday party, but I just wanted to post a few of these pictures of preparation- for memories sake, I suppose.

I wanted some of the decor to be a surprise...and for other things, I wanted them to help in the preparation.  

A couple of weeks before the party...I made took a strand of lights and tied lots of strips of fabric around it.

The girls helped me make the sugar cookie dough for the snowflake cookies.

I know you can't see it on her face...but they love to sift!

We also made popcorn balls.  This was our first time to use this popper and I think the girls thought this was neat.  I have fond memories of sitting not he counter using a popcorn popper when I was little.

Silly girl in Mommy's sunglasses.

The girls had to go to bed before I actually rolled the dough out and used the cookie cutter....but this little girl would snatch some dough...and quickly run under the dining room table to eat it!

So for this party I made hard candy for the first time.  It was serious business!!!  I used the recipe found here.  And instead of using food coloring and lemon extract...I just diluted this whole packet of kool-aid into 1 tsp of water.

We were in serious business here....using a candy thermometer and all!

We put the girls to bed at a normal time...and then we let her 'sneak' out of the room once Grace was asleep and she helped for a bit.

We had a little photo booth at the party.  Geoff used 3M hooks to string up the icicle lights, then covered with tulle.

The morning of her party was the first time she saw all of the lights.  She was the first one up...and had her breakfast in Arendelle.

Photobooth check:

And one of my favorite things....the countdown...

The girls love to do a countdown and it helps me not have to constantly answer questions about how many more days!

I made these using the clip art from here.

Earlier in the afternoon, before the party....we gave Grace one of her gifts.  She really really wanted an Elsa dress.  There's a really pretty one from the Disney Store, but was sold out due to it's popularity and Christmas.  This is the only would I could find.  And she was just as happy with it.  

But what she reeeeeally loved was the Elsa hair.  This was from my mom and Terry and she did not take it off the whole party!

Up next....the party!!


Courtney said...

I made candy for the very first time for Abigail's party too! It was very serious business! It turned out great...until it didn't. Which is why it isn't in any of her party pics :p

Aren't those command hooks amazing?!? They changed my life.

Unknown said...

I love your decoration.
How can i contact you by email?
please let me know asap.


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