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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

homeschool lately

It started right before Thanksgiving.  I was in a homeschool rut.  Pretty much just trying to get by each homeschool day with the bare minimum.  Completing all assignments, but then not really wanting to do much else.

Thanksgiving break was wonderful...a full week off.  I thought I'd be rejuvenated and ready to go.  But December came and it was like pulling teeth to get the work done.  For both of us.  Parker was done.  And I was, too.

We had a good Christmas break....and while I wasn't dreading school like I was after Thanksgiving...I still just wasn't feeling that drive.  The drive I feel like I need to be a good teacher to her.  I started having doubts.  Lots of doubt.  Like...."am I really doing what's best?"  And selfishly....thinking thoughts like, "I could get so much more done during the day if I didn't have to teach her."  And having self-doubt...... "Am I doing a good job?"  "would I be a better mother we weren't doing this?"

I've been praying about guidance and patience to get through this school year.  And then for what He would like our schooling to look like next year.  I still haven't figured it all out.  I do feel like where we are supposed to be for now.  But we need some more prayer over this.  I can say...since we've been back from the Christmas has been SO much better.  I wouldn't say Parker 'looks forward to it'.....but....she's been so much more receptive and hasn't really reached frustration mode yet.  The week before Christmas break we were both in tears one day!

As for me...I've been enjoying teaching her again.  I seem to have more patience....and am blown away by all that she knows.  I'm starting to plan more things like I did before Thanksgiving.  It seemed as though leading up to the break....she sorta started regressing some...which was frustrating for her (don't know which came first...the frustration or the regression)...and so I thought coming back to school we'd have to do some re-teaching.  But what really happened....was that all that stuff kind of seemed to meld into her little brain during the break.  Her reading has become more fluent and she still knows all of her math facts.

Homeschooling (even just part time!) a constant adjustment I feel like.  Her needs change....which makes since as they get older and learn new things.  The other kids in the household get older, too, and their needs change...and what we do with them changes.  Routines get established...and some things run more smoothly.  Some routines just up and start to not work one day.  Subjects that are the least favorite....they can wear us down some days.  But when we hit a new's all worth it.

So today.

We got a late start this morning....which I don't usually like to do because it throws us off.  But we did just fine.  It's all (or mostly) about attitude, I think.

She's starting to tell time.  This is just something that makes me really sit back and say, "man...she's growing up."  Silly, I know....but telling time.....that's a big deal!

 In science...they are studying sedimentary rocks.  So for dessert- we made a 'sedimentary rock' snack.  Graham crackers, mud (peanut butter), sand (sugar), and pebbles (chocolate morsels).

Then we painted with sand (Parker did in her science book, and Grace did on her own paper.)
{Parker just looks so pretty to me here.} 

Not sure what's going on with her fish lips....but it's her new thing.  Haha!

And this guy....oh here comes trouble.  Still not officially crawling, but into everything.

Don't let those deep, brown eyes fool you.

And we finished up the day especially was after room/quiet time.  I finally got around to picking up one of these little lap trays from Hobby Lobby.  One of the ways I'm trying to make our day by not always doing our work on the school room.  Since we're at home...and not in a classroom...we should take advantage.  I also want to get Grace one of these trays, {but I want to use a coupon and can only use one per visit} the beginning of the year she was definitely not interested in doing any activities....but I think I might try again.  

And that's the story on that.


Lisa Williams said...

Get out of my head, haha! I have been going through the exact same things!! We were in such a rut. I really disliked to doing school and was always in a bad mood (even yelling at the girls) I questioned if I was doing the right thing or if we should even be doing homeschool. I really prayed about my attitude over Christmas and since we have started back things have been doing much better and everyone seems to be happy (well except the usual melt down from the two year old ;). We are still praying about what we will do next year. Don't be surprised if you see a similar blog post from me, ha!

Courtney said...

You are doing a wonderful, wonderful, amazing job, Marla. Don't be discouraged. Everyone gets burned out when it is time for a break from school. Everything you described sounds perfectly normal to me. Hang in there. You're doing great.

Lora said...

I have been going through the EXACT feelings about homeschooling and I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. Thanks so much for sharing. I have really been praying if this is the right road as well.

Viv said...

I thought about Julie saying how they were all in a rut at school before Christmas break. So don't think it matters whether you are at 'home school' or 'school', everyone has the same ruts. I always have an will continue to think that you do an amazing job!

Dawn said...

You are doing a great job! I always love the creative lessons you plan for the girls. I was digging around on your blog trying to find some ideas for activities to do with Garrett. I want to plan some lessons to use this summer and over spring break while he is not in school. I really want to do the butterflies!! Would you mind sharing where you have found some of your resources?


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