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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nolan's Nursery: baby boy nursery

I finally finished Nolan's nursery about a month ago.   I know that sounds pitiful seeing as he is now 10 months old (was 9 months old when completed)….but I will say that the only thing that I had left to complete was the bumpers.  When something intimidates me…I find that I procrastinate.  Big time.  And this was no different.

For some reason I reeeeally wanted to sew everything for Nolan's nursery myself.  I think I might have saved a little bit of money….but in the end….was it worth it?  I don't know.  If I had it to do over again, maybe I'd just buy them.  I will say that Grace had the stomach bug right about the time I finished these….and the thought of Nolan throwing up all over them made me rethink the amount of time spent on said crib bumpers.

But they are done!

When I first started planning for the nursery….I knew I wanted to use gray and navy, but definitely wanted to have a couple accent colors.  I went between yellow, orange, and green.  Then I came across the Riley Blake Chevron fabric in BOY that uses navy, gray, orange, and red…. and knew this would be my color scheme.  So from there...

Right when you walk in the door…to the left is the changing table.

Geoff spray painted the mirror frame with navy spray paint.  I had this mirror since our first house…it was silver….. from Target about 6 years ago.

I made this Dr. Seuss quote myself in Photoshop.

I made the changing pad cover myself.  I used a great tutorial from here….but she has since taken it down.  She sells them in her shop now called Iviebaby.

I love this fabric tote/basket.  My mom got it for me filled with stuff before he was born.  (She bought it from a shop on Etsy, but I'm unsure of the name.)

I really like how this wall turned out.  I suppose it's time to change out at least one of those maternity photos and put one of him….eventually.  

During my pregnancy with Nolan….this was the verse that I kept coming back to over and over and knew I wanted to be in his nursery.  I think this verse also had more meaning to me after the miscarriage I had a few months before I got pregnant with Nolan.   I made the typography in Photoshop then had it printed on a canvas at Costco.  

The book shelves are from Ikea…and we already had the books.  :)

I made the blackout curtains with the navy and white chevron fabric from Premier Prints, and lined them with blackout fabric from Joann's (used a 40% off coupon).  I followed the same steps I did in the DIY blackout curtain tutorial from when I made the curtains for the girls.

I made his mobile for a few dollars using a circle punch, embroidery hoops, and thread.  The tutorial can be found here.

I got this wooden letter from Canton and painted it navy.

THE bedding.  Ha ha ha!

THE bumpers.  I used a wonderful tutorial on how to make them from Leanne Barlow found here.  I got the crib sheet from a shop on Etsy.  I just didn't even want to mess with figuring out how to do that.  And ultimately….I wanted him to have a sheet!  :)  I made the minky blanket and the dust ruffle.

My mom embroidered his initials for me.

This was the first time I ever made bumpers….and the first time I ever used cording.

The lamp and orange lamp shade are from Ikea.
I got the swivel rocking chair from Wal Mart (we used site-to-store so shipping was free).  I wish it was solid navy…but for the price…the navy stripe it was.  This chair is also very comfy.  I actually went to Pottery Barn Kids one day while I was pregnant and purchased their nice swivel rocking chair….for $1200.  By the time I got home, buyer's remorse was eating away at me.  So I called and canceled my order.  I'm so happy I did and I love this chair…and for $900 less!!

Now that I sit here and type….I realize that this was actually the last thing I finished for the nursery.  The wall behind the chair and the lamp was just a little bla so I wanted to add something.  I just made this with scraps of fabric I already had in my stash.

And let me NOT forget to mention that Geoff painted those gray and white stripes for me.  He did an amazing job…so nice and neat and crisp.  And after the stripes he also painted when it was Grace's nursery….he's become a real pro!  (and I like the gray better….I can hardly remember the green!)

And turns out….the nursery is SO much cuter with this little guy in it.

{look at the whites of his fingers!}


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Courtney said...

I'm blown away! It looks amazing. You did incredible work, Marla!

Viv said...

I is incredible! And you're right, it looks even better with that handsome baby boy grinning in it! I love his room but think y'all did an amazing job on the girls room too!

The Pharrs said...

I am forever impressed with your creativity :)

Carly said...

Love your nursery! Do you mind sharing the gray paint color?


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