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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Her name.

When we first found out we were pregnant with Parker (and really...even before we were pregnant)...we would sit around sometimes...mostly in car rides and things like that...and talk about what we might want to name our kids one day.

We quickly discovered that this was not a 'fun' thing, per se, for us because with almost every name he would come up with...I would almost immediately veto because I either a.) did not like it, or b.) knew someone with that name and would think of them every time I said my kid's name. The same was true for Geoff with each name that I came up with.

So then when it came time to actually pick a name...Geoff finally agreed on Parker....and then her middle name is Ann...which is my mother's middle name, as well as, my great grandmother's (and a few other people on that side of the family).

Moving forward almost 2 years....we found out we were expecting #2. I was not necessarily looking forward to the whole "picking out a name" game because as I already wasn't that fun.

But one night....when I was about 6 weeks pregnant....we were laying in bed. The TV wasn't on....we were about to go to sleep. And we started randomly throwing names out. Every one he would suggest I would say , "No!"....and he the same. I rolled over....closed my eyes...and there was this flash of a little girl...a baby...she was sitting in her high chair and smiling and giggling. (I didn't see the full outline of her face....much like you do not see all the details when you are remembering your dreams.) Her name was Grace.

I immediately said to Geoff, "What about Grace if it's a girl?"

And he replied almost immediately, "Yeh....I like that. I like Grace."

And so from then on out...I would maybe throw out a different name from time to time, but Geoff would always go back to Grace. He'd claim that I got to name Parker and so he was going to name this one! And he liked Grace.

Then we went through all of that stuff back in July with the prenatal testing....and it became even more evident to me then...that yes....this baby's name is, in fact, Grace.

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary...grace means:
a blessing that is an act of divine favor or compassion b : a fortunate circumstance

And that she is....a blessing.

Her full name will be Grace Jean.

Jean was Geoff's mother's middle name and we had agreed long before we ever knew we were expecting that if we ever had another girl we would like to honor her in that way.

So there you have it! Her name.


Jodie said...

I really like the picture you took of her name. Grace is a beautiful name.

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Such a great post. I enjoyed reading it and can't wait to hold sweet baby Grace.

Monica Jackson said...


Kristin said...

Love her name and I love her so much already!! I can't wait to meet her! I keep finding myself getting anxiety as if I were the one about to give birth!!

Megan said...

Love it! Love that picture too! What a great way to reveal!

It's so close now!! I am sure it went by slow to you, but it seems like it has go by so fast to me! ;-)

Viv said...

Love the name, love all of you, and cannot wait to see Baby Grace Jean. Blessing indeed!


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