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Monday, January 4, 2010

It's progress: Decorating the nursery.'s green.

Geoff was able to start painting the nursery this morning. I We decided to go with this color of green.

And depending on which angle you are looking...and the lighting....and the camera lens you use...depends on the color you see in these pictures!!

This is the lime-iest picture....and I think the camera made it look this color....because it never looked this way to me.

It doesn't really look like this color either....

This one may be the closest to looking like what it really looks like in person....

And here are 2 more close-up pictures of the quilt I made....this is where we got the inspiration for the color...

And now...probably on Wednesday....we are going to tape off the walls to make 12 inch vertical stripes with a shade of green darker than what is already on the walls.

And this guy.....this guy is my painter....and he did not wish to be photographed. :)


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