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Friday, January 15, 2010

Homemade Shaker: Toddler Craft

I found this craft idea at No Time For Flashcards. This is another great resource for toddler learning activities and crafts.

The activity I chose to do yesterday is originally titled Valentine's Day Craft. But....because I had the supplies...and it was the last minute...I decided to make our's... not Valentine's.

I thought...instead of a Valentine's heart...I can let her choose the shape she wanted along with the color she wanted. Then we could possibly do a different shaker with a different shape on a different day?

Here is Parker's face right before we were to start. She was giving me a half-hearted smile because she new that we probably weren't going to start without it! She was being so patient.

She just so happened to choose a heart for her I drew a heart on one of the paper plates. Then I gave her 1 paper plate at a time...letting her pick which color she wanted for each side.

And even though I had told her initially, "We don't eat the paint." And even though she had repeated back to me several times, "Parker not eat the paint. I not eat the paint." She still had to try, I guess....

After she painted....I wiped off the access so that it could dry quicker (a tip given from the website where I got this idea)...then I cut out the heart. Then, I taped half a plastic sandwich bag inside the plate, over the heart.

Now it was Parker's turn. She had a really good time placing the pom poms and jingles bells on the heart.

Then I used packing tape to tape the sides of the plates together. And by this point, Parker was no longer interested in the project.

She immediately went to her refrigerator...and when it didn't fit ended up in her kitchen sink....

Payton was half-way interested in it for a minute....but I think that ice cream was more appetizing...

That's one thing I am learning about doing these more "organized" activities with that....they still do not keep her attention for long! Which I am pretty sure is normal....but this is still a learning curve for me. It would be helpful if I would lay out all of the supplies I need for the activity the night before (a no-brainer...I know). I also think that the more we do these "organized" activities...she will become more comfortable and know more what to expect.

Another thing that might make a difference is the time of day we do these activities. I would like to do them in the evening...after her nap, but before dinner.....because this is a time of day that I am sort of reaching for things to keep her occupied until bedtime. But this time frame doesn't really seem very conducive to her. So.... my goal is to find a roundabout time, or so....and then try to just make it a part of our schedule...whether I sit down with her or Geoff. We are creatures of habit, so why wouldn't I think that I needed to be a little more structured..... when I am trying to be a little more structured??

Ummm...maybe we'll work on this after we add a new member to our family (only 4 days left)!!!

The end.

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Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Wow! I am pretty sure you are in nesting mode. :) Super Mom doing crafts with Parker when you're going to have a baby in 4 days!! You're awesome!


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