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Monday, January 11, 2010

I won a contest!!!-- From the Momtog Blog!

Mom*Tog - For moms who love digital photography

I have been reading Momtog blog for a while now (you can also find her link on my right sidebar). It's a great site to go to where Drew B (a very talented Orange County photographer) posts tips and tricks and ideas for anyone.... from professional photographers to mom's who just want to take better pictures of their kids! I've learned a lot from her....and I really enjoy looking at her photography blog....she takes some amazing pictures!

( does it always take me so long to get to my point???)

A few days ago...she was hosting a contest on her blog for a free 1-year membership to Clickin' Moms. I actually found out about Clickin' Moms over a year ago....I think through a google search....and I was interested then....but due to the membership cost, and more importantly....I was still in school and didn't want to add yet another distraction....I decided not to join. And it's funny....because I visited this site just a few weeks ago debating the possibility of joining now.


So what is Clickin' Moms? Clickin' Moms is a photography forum for mom's where you can become a member..... and then you are able to see other mother's photography, receive tips, participate in contests, etc., and something that I am really looking forward to (as well as being completely nervous about) posting some of my own pictures and receiving advice and feedback in return! This would allow me the opportunity to learn so much more and possibly be able to take better pictures (which is something that I really want to do!).

And.....I won!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I have entered numerous contests on blogs to win things, but have never been successful....and out of over 200 people...I won this!! I am truly excited and can't wait to see all that I can learn!!

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Viv said...

I am not the least bit surprised. in my opinion you could teach some others alot about photography! You may think I'm biased, maybe so, but you indeed take wonderful pics & ya'lls' blogs(you Kristin, Kelli & Jodie make me smile!) Keep 'em coming! Aunt "B".


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