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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Even in the middle of the hot summer....I had already made plans in my head that at some point this winter season....we would start a fire....and make s'mores! I can't even remember the last time I had one....and so that means it's been too long...right?

So last night was our night. We built the first fire in our new home. Well..sort of...the wood was still pretty wet so we had to use the gas quite a we never really technically had a real fire...but.....we were able to make our s'mores! :)

Geoff...trying to get the fire going...

Parker helping....

Waiting so patiently...

Really enjoying the wire hanger....we had to take it away for our safety...:)

I had all of the stuff sitting out on the coffee table just waiting. Parker was so good to wait....something she's not always good at. She wanted to eat the chocolate so badly.

Geoff had never roasted marshmallows in the house before. Or maybe it was that he had never used a wire hanger before for roasting? He was questioning me about the stuff that would burn off the end of the hanger and onto our marshmallow. I told him we could put them in the fire for a while to burn it off (pictured below)....but that really...(and maybe I am just forgetting)....I just don't think we worried about that kind of stuff back then....did we? And I mean...I turned out ok...right?

He answered...but you don't have to....

Moving on....

I was getting excited, too. I think I was the most excited of the 3 of us. And so I set out our graham crackers....put 2 on each plate and told Parker, "This one's Mommy's....this one's Daddy's...and this one's Parker's." I didn't mean for her to eat them....but when right after I said that...she walked over to her plate and said, "Thanks! Thanks, Mommy!" ...and began eating....I couldn't tell her no. we're ready! (Help!! Somebody get this lady some lip gloss or something!)

Helping me put the marshmallows on the hanger... can kind of tell that she is helping me hold the hanger in place...

So here it is, Parker!! You get the first one! Here's your first ever s'mores!!! Yay!!

According to her facial expressions.....this is what I think she was thinking......"Ummm....this is kind of sticky. And ummm.....where's my...."

"....CHOCOLATE????" kid turns down the s'mores and is so heartbroken that we put her chocolate on this 'thing' and now she can't eat her chocolate!

So we got the above pictures for a laugh....I ate her s'mores (just taking one for the team, you know)....and gave her some chocolate!!

And Geoff won the award for the night for the best looking and probably best tasting s'mores!

Round 2 tonight! Hey....we gotta get rid of those marshmallows somehow!


Kristin said...

Those look pretty yummy!!! I kind of thought Parker would figure a way to only eat the chocolate.. haha!

Viv said...

Looked so yummy! Making me hungry this morning!


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