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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Waking up to this.

I've been pretty fortunate, for the most part, when it comes to me 'flipping' from working nights as a being up the early days for my girls.

I worked last night- and depending on how tired I am....I usually have Geoff (well- he sends the girls in to jump on me, which is also nice) wake me somtime between 3pm-4pm (if I have to work again that night) depending on how tired I am.  I don't think I even told him what time today.  Which turned out just fine.

Because I woke up around 2:45pm to this giggling from the backyard.

I was lucky enough to get a few pictures from the open windows (it is an absolutely beautiful day here and Geoff had opened up the windows to let in the fresh air) before they saw me.

All 3 of them had the best belly laugh going.  Parker and Geoff were standing in front of Grace as she was swinging and 'hitting' them.  Why is pretending to hurt someone so funny?  I have no idea.  But these guys sure enjoy it.

These pics, as I said, are through a window and/or scree....and mostly blurry.  But a memory captured.  ;)

See those faces!  Pure joy.


Barbara said...

Those pictures are amazing! You captured the moment perfectly!

Viv said...

made me smile! Precious memories on film huh?

Kristin said...

Grace such a big girl swinging on that swing!!

I was thinking the whole time looking at the pictures... wonder what they are saying......

The video is hilarious!!


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