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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

homeschool lately

I obviously don't take pictures everyday that we homeschool...but on occasion, I do pull out the camera.  These are in no particular order....and occurred sometime between September to today.  ;)


This activity was one of my favorites and it was toward the beginning of the year.  It was actually in her language arts book...and she was learning the letter B.  B is for Butter.  We took heavy whipping cream....let it set in the mason jar for a couple of hours {to allow it to warm up/come closer to room temperature} then shook it up.

And made butter!


Science.  Each week we do a 'nature walk' and have specific things to look for/do....then we come home, she draws a picture, and writes a sentence or so about what we did/saw.  This day...we just went into the back yard and gathered some dirt and sand from the back yard...then took different amounts of water and added to the dirt to make different solutions and dilutions.

Most of the science we do, Grace is able to do, and it's pretty fun.


Counting seeds.

Math.  Cutting apples in half...taking out the seeds in each half to make addition facts.  Then eating the apples!

Or making apple stamps.


Science.  Painting by gravity.  Using a dropper filled with paint.  The higher the dropper, the bigger the paint splat.


Reading.  We read Big, Brown Bear then did a few activities/worksheets.  We used biscuits to shape and make a bear...then covered with butter, and sprinkled a cinnamon/sugar mixture.

I made the one on the middle first to show them an example.  Then I broke apart the biscuits the right size and helped them roll them up and told them where they should go (like 'this is for the ears, this is for the arms, etc).  Grace's is in the left, and Parkers on the right.  Love that you can see the difference in their ages and the progression of these kinds of 'skills'.  :)

And this tasty treat was complete with chocolate milk.


I think this was science? an 'extra'...we made sugar cookies, then took white icing and mixed food coloring to make green, orange, and purple.  Payton was here with us for this lesson.

 Math.  Telling 'addition stories' with her little My Little Ponies.  
Four ponies got on the bus, then 2 more got in.  How many in all?  Etc, etc.


And then there  Today...when neither her, nor I wanted to do school.  She couldn't sit still in her chair to save her life, and my patience...was...well...thin.  Geoff had been out of town last weekend, and he was home today so she was missing him and didn't want to miss out on anything that Grace and him might have been doing.  We did her math lesson and then I let her go run an errand with Geoff and Grace.  It allowed me to work in the school room a bit....but then once they got home and had lunch....we were both done.  We were pretty much 'done' with school before we started.  We didn't do school all day with no breaks....but we did school all day.  

Anywaaaaays......all of this to say...we had a little 'science project' to do to show 'gravity on an incline'...and I was dreading it.  Just wasn't in the mood.  But we plowed forward...and it turned out to be great!  They 'raced water drops' on waxed paper the whole time I cooked dinner.  I didn't hear the words "I'm hungry" or "Can I have a snack?" at all!   

So this is just a glimpse into our homeschool days.  Most days are pretty good.  We, of course, have our harder days (like today!!)....but mostly, I love what we are doing right now.  I love that I'm here to hear her read her first words and teach her how to add, subtract, and memorize math facts.  To teach her how to write (even though I feel hugely insignificant and might be failing her in this area)...and do fun science experiments,


Lisa said...

Love this post! I really need to do some kind of school post on the blog just not sure what to say, ha! And don't worry I feel the same about the writing with Molly!!

Viv said...

Wonderful lessons! Think you all are doing great!


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