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Thursday, March 26, 2009

18 month well visit-

Today- Parker had her 18 month well check-up. This appointment was as little different than her other well visits in that....I was not in attendance! :( I had originally scheduled the appointment last week over Spring Break....but the doctor's office called about a month ago and said that my pediatrician would no longer be in that I could have reschedule for the same day with another pediatrician....or reschedule the next week with our pediatrician. Since I knew that she was not getting any vaccinations this time.....and it is kind of important to me to stay with the same pediatrician (at least for her well visits)...because I like her....and because I want the pediatrician to somewhat know (as much as she can) Parker when she comes in.

So- as it were- Geoff took Parker to the pediatrician by himself today. Here are her stats:

Weight: 24 lbs (45th percentile) {she only gained 1/2 pound in the past 3 months}
Height: 33 1/4 inches (92nd percentile)
Head Circumference: 47 cm (60th percentile)

I got a text message from Geoff around 10:00 saying...."She's in the 92nd percentile for height. And she needs to eat more vegetables."

To which I humbly replied...."I know."

But then when I got home....he told me a little bit more. They tested her hearing at this appointment. And because I was not there....I do not know exactly what machine they used or how exactly her hearing was tested....but initially- the test showed that her left ear was fine....but that her right ear was 'inconclusive' (or something along those lines).....then did it again....and the paper that printed out said, "Referral." So then the nurse went to get a different machine thingie that tested for fluid around the ear or wax or something. And it showed no fluid or anything. So then when the doctor came in...she asked Geoff a few more questions (which I cannot remember exactly at this time)...but she seemed to think that she was just fine.

So I trust that she is fine....and I have not noticed, nor ever thought that she could not hear. And actually....when she was a bit younger...I remember thinking "at least I know she can hear well!"....but I can't remember now why I thought that....but I do remember thinking it. So I guess that counts.

I have, however, worried about her vision...not because of any signs that she's displayed....but because of me. When I was 3 I got these really thick coke-bottle glasses. Anyway- the doctor's presumed that I had never really been able to see clearly and that they had just gotten progressively worse over the years (the first 3 years of my life- that is).

So we have been watching for signs of a seeing problems (or is it sight problems?). They did do a screen at her 15 month check-up (that I forgot to mention then) and said that she looked good. And I was also encouraged by the other night when we went to Hobby Lobby with my mom and sister....and she was like....I don't know....a long way away....and when I squatted down (I did this on purpose to see when she would see me)....she saw me almost immediately and started running to me. That is- until she was about 3 feet in front of me and decided to turn around. Did you know that 1 and a half is the new 14?

But basically- I am going to try really, really hard not to miss any other appointments. Not that Geoff is not capable...and not that I would have even asked more questions myself....but at least I would have just been there....or maybe even just have a little more peace of mind to see the doctor's face and hear her when she said that Parker was fine and that there wasn't anything to worry about...


Viv said...

I just know she is a beautiful, healthy little girl who is thriving. As for the veggies, it will come in time. Have you tried carrots with low fat ranch? any kind of vegs with low fat or ranch is good with our grandbabies. I remember Zoie eating cauliflower, broccoli (sp) when she was Parker's age and loving it. Just a suggestion to try. (

Unknown said...

This are some tips I found:
Eat what you want your child to eat. Just about every child wants to be just like their mom, dad, brother and/or sister. If they see you are eating your green beans they are much more likely to eat theirs.
Make sure your child has a decent appetite when trying a new food. They are more likely to try something new when they are hungry and rested.
Cut out the distractions. Watching TV or doing other activities may make your child lose interest in the new food.
Serve a variety and don't get discouraged. Just because your child didn't like carrots this time doesn't mean they wont next time. Often it takes up to 15 times of introducing a new food item before a child will accept it.
Offer dip. Kids love dipping stuff. Try to aim for low calorie dips and make sure they aren't just sucking the dip off the veggie.
Hide the veggies. They can either be pureed or chopped and thrown into kids favorite foods such as macaroni and cheese. Most of the time the child wont even know it there.
Try vegetable juices. V8 has a wonderful product out called V8 Splash that is blended so well with veggies you will hardly notice them yourself.
Make eating fun. See who can crunch their food louder may also encourage them to eat their veggies.

LASTLY Don't push it.

A couple of websites


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