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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I don't normally do this....but today I felt compelled to share. I will try to keep this short and sweet (but you all know how well I am at doing that!). Through a friend's blog...I stumbled upon Kelly's Korner about 2 months ago. Kelly has an amazing story of how when her daughter was born, they were initially told that she would not make it through the night...and is now healthy and at home. (check out her blog for the full story....I don't want to mess it up!)

But today- she mentioned a blog called 'my charming kids'... the author of this blog's name is MckMama. Anyway- I had checked out her blog a few weeks ago (randomly, again) and I read the story of how there 4 month old son, Stellan, was diagnosed in utero with some heart problems and were told that he would surely die...yet was born healed.....they call him their "MckMiracle." It is a great say the very least...

Sunday evening however...he ended up in the hospital with supraventricular tachycardia....a really, really high heart rate....his is in the upper 200s and lower 300s. Anyway- if you are interested in the story...visit her site to get the details. I have written and then erased several times in an attempt to get the right words and the right information.... but I do not want to tell the story wrong.

But today especially- MckMama wrote a great post on how God hears our prayers, but answers them in His own time, and in His own plan....and that we should continue to pray.

I was touched by her words...and so- I wanted to give you an opportunity to be touched as well.


I decided to share this today because it has been heavy on my heart. I have thought of posting things similar to this in the past, but have talked myself out of it because I feel "uncomfortable." But this semester- I have found several blogs and heard of several stories of families dealing with ill children in the hospital or even death. And some days, my pediatric rounds really took their toll on me emotionally.

It can be so disheartening at times. But I continue to be amazed by these stories and the faith that these families have in God and that they keep it through these tribulations. And how they choose to share their story to spread praises of God. It has definitely made me examine my own life....made me thankful for what I have....made me realize how selfish I can be at times and how much I take for granted without even has made me realize again just how precious life is. But with all of that being said....I know that I have so much more to learn....I am a work in progress....

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Viv said...

Yes sweet girl, we can all be selfish at times. I've told the kids that it's amazing to be so blessed with healthy children in our lives, and we do take alot for granted. HE watches over us all, that's for sure, and there is amazing stories to be seen. I think you are going to be wonderful in pediatrics!


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