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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cupcake Bites!

Well- I caved. I have seen these cake balls and cake pops and cupcake bites on The Pioneer Woman's and Bakerella's websites at various times throughout the year. I always thought they looked really really neat....but never thought that I could do it myself. So over the past week, the women from these 2 websites got together and invited a few readers to partake in the making of these deliciously delectable looking treats. I was inundated will all of these enticing photos that made my thinking become blurred to the point where all I thought of were cakeballs. I could no longer resist the temptation. And since I am now officially on spring break.... and since I do not have "a test" or "class" or "clinical" or "paperwork" or "studying" lurking over my head next week....I spent my evening last night after Parker went to bed making these....

And to my surprise...they're actually pretty good. Super cute (which I already knew). Rich. Kind of a lot of work. And I try so hard....but I just can't seem to make this stuff look as good as they do?

But I won't let that get me down...

Up next for me to try: fondant (which I always thought was pronounced /fon dant/....but was recently corrected to the correct way of /fondunt/).

And let me just add-- I had to show a profuse amount of self control when visiting the cake decorating aisle at Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon. Hopefully this is just a phase. A short phase.


Viv said...

Wow, they look yummy! Enjoy your Spring Break!

Anonymous said...

Those look yummy! I guess I was the grammar police the last time I talked to please practice w/fondant (pronounced \ˈfän-dənt\, hehe) so that you can teach me some day! I only watch the Food Network...I am not yet skilled enough to attempt cake making! Enjoy your spring break, mine ends today, boo!

Jodie said...

They look wonderful! I am going to try them sometime with all the pretty sprinkles. You are so talented!


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