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Friday, March 27, 2009

Kids say the darnedest things....

And it's true. They do. They say cute things all the time that you just want to capture in a box, wrap it up, and never forget what they said or even how they said it.

And I know that Parker is still too young for these "darnedest" things that kids say....because our conversations with her are still one-sided for the most part. But I just wanted to share a short "conversation" that we had this week...

The setting:
Parker and I playing in her room...Geoff is at work.... when she randomly starts talking.....

Parker: "Dah-dah! Dah-dah! Dah-dah!"

Me: "Daddy's not here right now. Where is Daddy?"

Parker: "wor?" ('work')

Me: "That's right! Good job! Daddy is at work!"

...less than 3 minutes later.....randomly, again.....

Parker: "Loll-la! Loll-la!" (who is coincidentally, not in the same room as outside or in the living room, etc)

Me: "Where is Lola?"

Parker: "wor?"


Kristin said...

Oh she is hilarious.. I love hearing her talk or trying to repeat the things you say, it makes me smile.

P.S. Beethoven was on last night and every time she saw him she kept saying Lola.. over and over again. It was cute.

Viv said...

Geoff needs to ask her next time you at school where is Mommy and see what she says. She's smarter than the rest of us!!!!!!!


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