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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Parker's First Cabbage Patch Kid

I had wanted to get her one for Christmas, but Geoff did not see the need...and well...I think she got plenty as it was. But now, she is really interested in her dolls. She has 4 (5 including the cabbage patch) and she loves to pick them all up at the same time and bring them to us one by one and make us hold them and rock them. She even sleeps with 2 of them now. You should see me rocking her to sleep...we have her lovey, blankie, and little baby. It's pretty tight quarters, I must say! I know this is what kids normally do, but it is still just so sweet to me. So since Parker has had this keen interest in her dollies lately, I decided it was time for a cabbage patch. This means a lot to me for some reason...especially since I loved cabbage patch dolls growing up and I think it is neat that this is something that she will also have. Target did not have much of a selection today. I had wanted to get a boy doll since all of her others are girls... but it worked out nonetheless because it is a "Newborn Cabbage Patch" which is more her size for now....and it came in a nifty little carrier. I know they still need to "get to know each other" but she seems to like the baby so far. I think we are going to keep this baby's birth certificate...or maybe put it in her scrapbook......yeh...that's it....her scrapbook for her second year of life that I have not even started on. Oops! Guess it'll be a busy summer!

(she does't quite know what to think about the hair, yet)


And these pictures actually have nothing to do with her new doll....this was her watching the Word World introduction again. We just can't get enough of her genuinely happy face when this show comes on! It's crazy!


Kristin said...

She loves her babies!!! She takes care of them by feeding them just like her mommy does her!! She makes me laugh!

Jamie said...

She is so stinking cute!

Viv said...

I remember you and Aunt Sister with your cabbage patch babies too! This is just so sweet and agree with Kristin and Jamie both. She makes me laugh and she is just so stinking cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww, so cute. Blake's sister still has her cabbage patch from way back Blake did add a tattoo on the cabbage patche's arm that said "MOM", but its funny how certain things stick with kids (like Parker's lovey). And I am also not going to lie that one day I was flipping through channels and Word World was on and I watched it like 5 minutes, thinking how I can see how kids like this stuff!

Milstead said...

Ok...first of all, her face...her reaction to Word World is my new favorite thing in the whole world.
Second, you know my deep affection for Cabbage Patch dolls, one in particular, Preston... and this post made me soooooo happy! Thank you for keeping the Cabbage Patch Doll alive! I LOVE IT!


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