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Monday, March 30, 2009

Jamie's Baby Shower.

Do you remember my friend Jamie from my college years?? (the first time, that is)

{you can click on the picture to receive a little background on our friendship}

Well- this past other best friends from college, Emily and Kelley (respectively) had the pleasure of throwing Jamie a baby shower for her baby boy that is due at the end of this month! She still lives in Waco....and we (Kelley, Emily, and I) live we took a little trip for the special event!

The food was delicious. A few people asked if we made the which I replied, "Yes!" But only for a second...because then my conscience got the best of me. It was catered by HEB. I love HEB. I miss HEB.

Don't these cupcakes look good? They melted in your to speak. And even if you think that they look good....just want to let you know that they tasted better than they looked! Ha!

Then I made this diaper cake....I know it's kind of bla...and blurry....but hey- at least that little horse figurine thing in the center of the coffee table is in focus! Jamie's 2 year old daughter, Abby, (who you will see shortly) liked it so much she told her momma that she wanted to eat that! She's so cute!

Speaking of she is in all of her cuteness....

And here she is again....when she was hiding behind the chair for a bit....

Jamie got some cute boy clothes.....

...some cute little shoes. Everything just seems to be cuter when it is little. Or at least it is to me. We joked about how she should put him in those as soon as he comes out because after that they may not fit him anymore!

But this gift....I thought was great! She even opened them up before the shower ended!

But these little things.....I've never heard of!

They are milk screening strips in case Jamie decides to drink a glass of wine sometime after he arrives....she can test the milk! Ingenius, I tell you!

It was a good time. It was good to see her family and friends...and then, of course, it was good for the 4 of us to all be together again. It doesn't happen often!

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