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Friday, March 20, 2009

The joys of taking pictures of Toddlers....

Hardly ever is it as easy as saying their name....telling them to say "Cheese!"....or "Smile pretty!"....or just "Look at me, pleeeease!!!!"

All of these photos are from yesterday...and with ALL of these....I called her name and this was her reaction.....


"Parker!!" (yeh...I see you know exactly what you're doing...)

"Parker! Look at Momma!"


"Parker!!" (almost)


I guess saying her middle name is the key! Haha! Guess I'll have to remember that...but only to use on special occasions..... as not to abuse it....


Unknown said...

She is getting towards TWO - independence at its best... although she looks like her sweet Daddy, seems to me she has her Mother's wonderful strong personality of being independent, outgoing, and playful! She likes to tease you - because she has figured out that taking pictures of her is important to you! She has great intelligence - which she gets from both of you!

Viv said...

She's just smarter than all of us! And oh so very cute!


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