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Monday, March 16, 2009

I can barely remember....

I have thought about doing this for a while now....and since Parker will be 18 months on Wednesday...I thought the timing couldn't be better. I take pictures every month (or most months...I should say) of Parker to mark that she is a month older (funny how that works out...). Anyway- I thought it might be neat to post a picture of her from every month all in one post.

I have to tell you....going back through all of these pictures really tugged at the heart. I can't really describe what I am feeling. It is a gush of emotion, but don't know which emotion it is.

I can say, however....that I can barely remember it. I mean- I look at these pictures and sure...I remember.....but when did it happen that this....

became this.....?

Wow. I'm speechless. And that is rare.

So without further are the month-by-month pictures of our little girl...

Month One

Month Two

Month Three

Month Four

Month Five

And her 18 month pictures will be up (hopefully) on Wednesday!


Kristin said...

It's hard to remember her being that small.. I wish she was still little.. makes me so sad that she is getting so big!! But she sure has turned into the cutest kid ever, and I am not just saying that because she is my family.. she cracks me up and has the best personality!!

Jodie said...

I love this post. It is amazing how quickly time flies. She is a doll!

Viv said...

Time does fly! She is such a doll baby!


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