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Saturday, January 2, 2010

It may not be perfect....but it's homemade!

That's at least what I keep telling myself about this whole "making the baby's quilt" thing. I also keep telling myself "It's the thought that counts!"

If you'll remember...back in August I thought it would be a great idea to pick up a new hobby....sewing. At that time I had never sewn a thing. But for some the idea in my head....and so there was no turning back.

By September...I had borrowed my grandmother's sewing machine and actually began sewing. Then I didn't resume that sewing until just last week.

Then Christmas happened and I received this very nice sewing machine from my mom and Terry (thank you!). So now I have my own sewing machine!!! I'm in business now!!

Well...except for the whole part that I don't know what I am doing.

But that's just a technicality.

I even have my very own pin cushion... (I'm ridiculous, I know).

I still have 'sew' much to learn (I think I'm so funny...)....but for now...I can sew a semi-straight line in the fashion of a quarter inch seam. Then one day....I plan to actually take some sort of lessons to be able to actually put the machine to good use. With 2 girls of my own, plus one girl cousin....I think it will be great to know how to sew and make things for them the way my mom and grandmother did for us.

But for now...I have become very close with my seam ripper...:)

Ok...onto the baby's quilt.

This is the front....

This is the back....

And here is a closer look at the fabric in the's kind of hard to see from far away.

Now I just need to find a good quilter that I can trust and that won't laugh at me when I show her what I have sewn. Let me state, for the record if I have not already made myself clear.....this is the very first thing I have ever sewn in my entire life! So it will be interesting to see if I have messed it up too much to even be quilted!!! Let's hope not!

You can go here to see a finished product of what this quilt is supposed to look like.


Kristin said...

That looks great sister!! Such a good job!!

Milstead said...

Um...I don't think there are words...oh wait, yes there are... I'm NOT WORTHY, I'M NOT WORTHY. How did this happen that I did not get ONE BIT of domestic talent at all?!!?! NONE NOT ONE BIT! And you are making freaking quilts!?!?! I'm truly impressed and in love with this quilt. I couldn't tell if there were straight lines or crooked because I don't know enough to know I'm supposed to look at the lines! I'm excited to see it finished and quilted. Congrats. It looks fantastic. And I'm jealous. And not worthy. That's all.

Viv said...

I think u did a wonderful job!

Kelley Hartley said...

I'm so proud of you for finishing it!!! I'm sure it is beautiful, and I know Grace will LOVE it!


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