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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet sisters.

Yesterday afternoon while Grace was napping, Parker and I played in the backyard. After about 45 minutes...we were ready to come in. Almost as soon as we came in...Grace was waking up.

I told Parker that she needed to go wash her hands (because we had been playing in bird seed, dirt, etc.) and then we could go get baby Grace.

She was all too excited to do this. She ran into the bathroom...I was picking up a little bit in the kitchen while she did this....I heard the water running (so I assume that she washed her hands)....the next thing I heard was her talking to Grace.

So I quickly ran into her room (I don't really like to leave the two of them alone! :) ....and this is what I saw....

Parker kept asking me to take more pictures. So I did.

Here...Grace's hand must have been brushing against Parker's neck because Parker kept giggling saying that Baby Grace was tickling her! Too cute.



Snider Family said...

Oh how sweet, I love these pictures.

Viv said...

Perfect, sweet, precious!

Kat said...

Beautiful pictures! I love those precious sibling moments with my 2 aswell!

Milstead said...

This may be my new favorite post of all time. :) When they're together like that they look SO much alike. This is adorable. Made me smile!! Kiss them both for me.

Megan said...

So sweet!! I love all of them, but I REALLY love that first picture!!! Definitely one to "print out" for a frame! :-)

Kristin said...

PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SImply priceless!!!!

She climed in there all by herself??? Parker is actually smiling a lot!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! And I love my nieces!!

Jodie said...

Very sweet! That is great you captured that with your camera.


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