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Monday, January 10, 2011

My first day.

Is over.


I am actually in a pretty good mood right now....a little wired, if you will.

As I had mentioned yesterday- I wasn't really having too much anxiety about 'my first day', but rather- the slippery roads that were forecast for the morning commute! I am not a fan of driving in good conditions....much less this!

So I woke up earlier than I normally would have. And left the house at 6am.

I was supposed to be there by 8am.

And from 6:20am to 8:15 am.....I did not go more than 5 miles an hour.

So- to spell it out. I was basically parked on the freeway for about 2 hours. I was getting a little upset.....being late for my first day and all. But overall- I stayed pretty calm. I wasn't really worried about getting into an accident anymore because....well....I wasn't moving. Ha! And as far as being late....I just figured they would have to understand?

And they did. No one even said a thing to me. I did call in to the recruitment office, so they were aware that I was on my way, but I just walked in, signed in, and took my seat.

Then........came lunch. Luckily- they gave us these 'lunch cards' that paid for our lunch up to $8.00......which was wonderful because as I was walking into the lunch room to make sure I had my wallet in case I needed it.....I discovered that I had left my wallet in the diaper bag.....which was at home!!!

Really? It's my first day. I'm late. I don't have my wallet?

I ate lunch with 7 other nurses that will be go through the residency with me and 2 of our managers. I don't really know any of the girls, but everyone seemed so nice and we'll all be sitting together tomorrow to get to know each other better.

Needless to day- it all did work out and makes for a good story that I'll look back on and laugh.

One day.

The drive home was great....only took me 40 minutes!

On my way- I stopped by this store to purchase some scrubs because we can wear them the rest of the week instead of business casual (which seems very appealing to me since scrubs are elastic-waisted and comfy, ha!). Luckily, this store is only about 10 minutes from the house so Geoff was able to load up the girls and meet me up there to give me my wallet.

He then tells me, "I have no dinner for you." His eyes looking so tired and worn down.

I asked, "What did you eat?"

His reply, "A beef jerky stick."

I made a face.

He continued, "I forgot to eat."

So McDonald's for dinner!

I can't help it. I think it's kind of funny. No- I did not wish a challenging day on him in the least. But this is his first day since we've had Grace that he has had to be the only one taking care of both of them for so long....for 12 hours. It takes some getting used to.

But at the same time- I did feel sorry for him because I know his day had its challenges as did mine. He's still not feeling well (he now has what we all had over Christmas and New Year's)...and I told him if he's still not feeling well he should stay home tomorrow to get some rest since I've been running him ragged trying to get things situated before starting work. Then I thought about it....and told him that maybe he would get more rest going to work than staying home with the girls. Haha!

He agreed. ;)

A few of his comments about his day....

"Man! If Grace doesn't get what she wants right away....she let's you know it!"

"I forgot that Grace likes to be held to drink her milk after her afternoon nap.....and so I put them in the bath. And she did. not. like. that. She was screaming. And then, you know, I had Parker in the bath. Grace didn't even want to lay on the bed like she normally does. So I got her out and went to get her milk."

"There's just not enough time in the day! I don't know why you complain about not getting things done. There's just no. way. to do it all. I mean- I tried to clean.....but then there just a brief amount of time that you can do something before one of them needs you for something."

Good times. Good times.

We've gotten the girls' bags ready to take to Aunt Sis' tomorrow and I made their lunches. I had imagined 'cuter' lunches....but this will do for now! I've got to get my creative juices flowing. It was nice to do something just for them, though, since I am missing them so.

Grace's lunch: organic apple snack bar, strawberries, peas, cheddar cheese

Parker's lunch: Raisins, ham on food picks, pretzels, vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and half a bag off 100 calorie striped cookies.

And Geoff gets a lunch tomorrow, too! There's a package of lite tuna at the bottom, 2-sided crackers (one side is pretzel and one side is a cheddar cracker?), craisins, strawberries, hard boiled egg, and Little Debbie hearts for my sweet valentine. I told him this was more like a snack than a lunch....but there's some good protein in there?


Jennifer said...

When I read your post earlier I didn't realize you wrote it yesterday, but I'm so glad you had a great first day. Maybe I'll get motivated by your lunches. Cute!

Megan said...

Glad you had a successful first day! And a safe trip!

I love your remarks about Geoff and the girls! Too funny! Sad he is still feeling bad though!

Super cute lunches! You are with it! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Viv said...

Thought about you all day and so glad it went well. I know that you all will adjust though, sure it will continue to be a challenging times. Hopefully the 2+ hour commute won't happen often though. Hope Geoff feels better soon too.

Kristin said...

Just now getting to read this...

I can't believe you left your wallet at home.. WAIT.. yes I can!! I'm sorry that happened! But, at least you you got a free lunch card! And that's exciting that you are meeting new people! Have a great rest of the week!! ( I mean I know I'll see you everyday.. ha)

Glad Geoff could get a taste of what our days are like sometimes. I can't believe he forgot to eat!!


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