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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Family PIctures 2010

This past October- we had our family pictures taken by my friend from college (the first time I went to college at Baylor), Anna, who is the owner and photographer for Laughlin House Photography. I have already shared a few photos she took of us on here previously- but I wanted to dedicate a post to sharing a few of the others.

This session was waaaaay overdue! We had not had 'family pictures' done since Parker's 1 year pictures. You see- when I got my DSLR back in July of 2007- I had promised Geoff that I would take our own 'professional' pictures. And while my pictures are far from professional.....they suffice. And this has saved us a great deal of money.

But in the meantime- I have missed out on some nice family shots over the past 2 years! Makes me kind of sad to think about- but not going to mull about it now. Just going to try really hard to make it happen now. I get caught up with how I look and how I want to lose weight and what to wear....but really- if I wait until I get to the moment where I think "Man- I think I'm going to look good in these pictures"......uummmm....I think I might never get our pictures taken. Ha!

So in forcing myself to step in front of the camera- I get these lasting memories of how our family was in that time period. Because Lord knows it won't stay this way for long! And I think the girls will appreciate it, too.

Anna was so great to work with. It turned out to be pretty chilly morning- yet she was so patient with us and all of the tending we had to do with the girls (to get both of them to smile....and to help keep Grace from crying every time we sat her down!).

Here is her website.....and here is her Facebook fan page-where you can see many of the beautiful photographs that she takes! You should definitely check her out if you are in the area!

I'm already thinking that we need to do another session before it's been a year because they change so much!! And maybe before it gets too hot!


Viv said...

They are wonderful pics, but I still think you take wonderful ones too! Loved them all though.

Grunwaldt Family said...

Love the pictures!! Your girls are adorable.

Kristin said...

They are great pictures... Still waiting on mine???? :)

They have changed already!!!! Change way too fast!

Jodz said...

What absolutely gorgeous photos of your family.


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