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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Again...these insta photos end up being some of my all-time favorites.  I do love it when I take the time to drag out my big camera because you end up with a cleaner shot....but this phone is so good at the fleeting moments that we'd miss if we tried to grab that big camera each time.  And I love it.  ;)

This girl is adjusting pretty well to being a big sister.  We still have a lot of teaching and reminding to do....but she really is doing well and I'm so proud of her.

 Nolan @ 5 days

Resting on Momma...

Sweet Little Feet

 The first week of Nolan's life...he really liked to sleep during the party at night.  :)  We are progressively getting better.

 brother + sister

 Conked out!

 We all picked Parker up from dance this week...and just as she was getting in....Nolan started getting fussy.  We told the girls not to touch him because they hadn't washed their hands, and I had forgotten the hand sanitizer.  Parker was so sweet and said, "Mom- I really need some germ-ex because I need to touch him and all I can do is sing to him, " as she was singing Jesus Loves Me to try and calm him down.  She is so sweet and tender with him and really wanted to help calm him down.

And these last 2 pictures didn't make it on instagram...but are on my phone.

The picture on the left is me.  The picture on the right is Nolan.

Just enjoying some snuggles during family movie night this past Saturday.  So sweet.



Anonymous said...

OMG Marla Nolan is precious! And I cant forget big sisters, they are so sweet! I am so grateful for your blog on nights like this when I have a 2:1 in CCN isolation. -Claudia

JoKnows said...

Visiting from Insta-Friday. They are so sweet together! Adorable pics. Enjoy the weekend. Jo

Viv said...

You can always make me smile! Love all three of those babies and love you too!


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