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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kicking and Screaming.

Today was a....what's the word?.... exciting time for I decided to take a trip to Michael's (the craft store) after Parker's nap and her snack.

The plan in my head was:
she's had sleep....she's had food....we'll be back before dinner.


So we get to Michael's....she initially kind of fights getting into the cart because she would much rather walk around....but I get her in their sideways....and she seemed I went with it. Hey- beggars can't be choosers!

About 5 minutes in....she is no longer amused...and begins whining...reaching for me...standing I give in. Against Geoff's wisdom....(he was not with me during this trip...but always gives this advise)....because he always says to "just leave her in". (Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) Well- I can't always just leave her in! So I'll just leave that to him.

So against my better judgment....I let her down. She does pretty good listening to me and not touching everything in sight....and she even follows me when I want to go to the opposite side of the store.

But then she found the "bu-bbls" (bubbles) of course she wants to carry them....and open I get them from her long enough to close them really tight so that she has less of a chance of opening them up and spilling them everywhere! She doesn't like this....but oh well.

And I actually used these "bu-bbls" to my advantage when I wanted to go back to the other side of the store. I just held them behind me and kind of made her chase me. She was LOUD as she followed me. And actually- as I type sounds kind of bad....but she is out of control sometimes....and starts thinking she is bigger than she is and starts to not listen to me! How dare her! :)

So anyway- the above pieces of the story are merely mentioned to add a little information leading up to the good part of the story.

We go to pay. The register is right next to the exit. She's trying to get to the door....I'm picking her up....she's squirming....I pay.....I drop my wallet during all of the bustle....I sign the slip....oh wait!....I see Parker trying to go out the exit and almost get shut in the door!!!

Luckily- she didn't....I was going at super sonic speed. That- and she stepped out of the way herself when the door started to shut. But still.

So I pick her up...she squirms....she wants to I think, "Ok....she can hold my hand and walk. She is getting to an age where she should probably start walking more in public than us carrying her."

Only problem is....she doesn't like to hold my hand....and more importantly- she does not want to go where I go.

So I hold on tight....not letting go of her little hand. So she sits. Sits down right in the middle of the handicapped parking space. Twice. Attempting to start to throw a fit both times.

I just laughed. It was mostly under my breath. She didn't see. And it wasn't because it is funny....because it's not! But more..."OK- so now we're in this stage."

So I pick her up....kicking and screaming...put her in the car.

I was actually embarrassed by her actions...kind of....I mean- she is only 18 months old...but still...we want our kids to listen to us! And I'm bigger than her! :)

And to add insult to injury. I had a fresh new pack of raisins in my pocket that I had packed for just in case this exact thing happened. I forgot. Go figure.

On the way home I was going to pick up some food for dinner. No problem. Except for the fact that.....I NEVER picked up my wallet!!! Did you already suspect this from earlier?

Moral of the story....because my kid was acting a little on the ornery toddler side....I dropped my wallet....didn't pick it up....drove all the way to pick up dinner....only to realize that I had no wallet....turned around and went back to Michael's....then back to pick up dinner....then home. From the time I left Michael's the first time until I finally got home was 1 hour. Our 30 minutes trip turned into an hour and a half. Good times.

Good news. The cashier that was feeling sorry for me during check-out found my wallet immediately and had tried to run out to find me...but she couldn't. So she locked it up for when I returned!

I guess I just need to do what her daddy does when they go to the store...... He gets a large Red Bull for himself....and a small one for her....not to drink...but to hold on to the cold can...and YES....she puts her mouth all on that dirty can!! But I guess she stays in the seat for him. That's it....I have a great idea.....he can just do all of the shopping from now on....since he's so good at it and all. :)

But it really is terrible! When she sees the Red Bull can anywhere....she starts saying....I mean- yelling..."reh-buh! reh-buh! reh-buh!


Kristin said...

OHHHH what I have to look forward too...... I am just really glad that your wallet was still there and nothing was taken from it.

Heather said...

The previous comment was my exact thoughts...Is this what I have to look forward too!! I am so happy to see you can laugh about it!!

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

GREATNESS!!!!! I love stories like that because it confirms for me that all of our children are normal. Why can't they just understand that we are bigger?!

I like the part about licking the Red Bull! Sometimes you just do what ya gotta do!!

Viv said...

I agree with Kristin, glad your wallet was there and all was ok. Little toot, she's exploring and ready to go..keeping you on your toes!

Jamie said...

That was hilarious! Aren't toddlers fun!? That "red-buh" thing is so funny! And you are right, it is not that easy to "just leave her in the basket" although I am usually the one saying this to Angelo. Abby just keeps yelling, "I wun get out!!!!!" I have to keep distracting her by saying, "can you hold this for mama" or "can you put this in the basket". I feel like I've run a marathon by the time we leave!

Monica Jackson said...

I love this! Abbey is usually temperamental at the store, so I know how you feel. Chris took her the other day, and he said she did great! Guess he'll be doing the shopping from now on :)


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