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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Peach Tree

When we lived at our old house......there was a house down the street that had a big peach tree in their backyard. It was near the fence next to the we drove by it daily. And each spring it would grow these giant peaches. Geoff always wanted to stop and pick them off of the tree himself.....but I convinced him that this wouldn't be the right thing to do, seeing as how it wasn't our peach tree. ;)

So we decided that once we got into a house that we were going to stay in for a while, we'd plant our own peach tree. So we did.

Last November...Geoff planted our peach tree.

Parker supervised.

So did Lovey.

And here it is all planted.

Fastforward 4 and half months later.....spring has sprung.....and so has the peach tree!

Look at these miniature peaches!!

This tree will eventually produce regular-sized peaches......and I am only guessing these will not make it to term (I don't know peach tree lingo so bear with me) because the tree is still so small and the branches just don't seem like they are strong enough. Geoff had read somewhere that it takes about 5 years before the trees are ready to bear fruit....and we don't really know exactly how old this tree is.....but just from looking....I wouldn't think it's that old.

Now....with all of that being said......I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. ;)

Aren't they so cute and sweet???

When I look at them...they make me smile. (I guess it doesn't take much ;)

They just give me a fuzzy feeling inside.... (pun intended) haha

It's really going to be fun to watch this tree grow and mature over the next few years.....


Kristin said...

That is cool!! Can't wait to see it grow as well!

Viv said...

It is very cool. It's going to be a beautiful tree. I love peaches!


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