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Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby's First Food!!!

Yesterday evening....I gave Grace rice cereal for the first time. She was SO excited, initially, for me to put that spoon in front of her face!! It was classic!

But after a few minutes...she discovered that she did not so much like what was being given to her!

I tried again this morning....and after spitting out everything that I gave her (which I know is somewhat normal as they learn to 'chew' then swallow)....she quit opening her mouth all together!! Haha!

My uncle gave us some fresh butternut squash and I've been doing some research and purchased some ice cube I am hoping to make her some food pretty soon. I'm not in any real big hurry....I was going to wait until 6 months....but as it gets closer, I am getting more anxious. But we'll see how it goes.

So here is our baby girl having her very first taste of something other than her milk! (And big sister Parker was right there through it all! Bless her heart! She wanted so badly to eat the 'baby food' and for me to feed her like a baby. And once Grace was done...which was only a couple of minutes....we let her have a try. You could tell she didn't like it, but continued to eat a few bites just for the sake of eating the baby food, too! I think as we start other new foods that we make a big deal out of....I will make Parker her own bowl, too. It was really kind of sad, but I know she is fine!)


Let the feasting begin!!

And now from a different (and better) angle....


Jessica said...

That's so funny! You can clearly see her thought process from beginning to end. How fun. Growing up so fast!

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

GREAT pictures!! You can tell that she really WANTS to like the food, but just doesn't know what to think! Priceless!

Viv said...

She is going to love getting to eat though! Plus 5 months old and trying to hold her on spoon! That is classic! Sweet little baby girl and big sis!

Mrs. Ramsey said...

Little Grace was so cute holding on to the spoon! I bet she will like the squash when you give it to her. Oh, and your nails look good MC!

Milstead said...

I think she likes it. :) :) So CUTE!

Kat said...

Hehehe first thing I noticed, despite Grace's adorableness were your awesome nails! Love the colour!!!

Hope the next few feeding sessions go well!

Isaac never liked purees. He wanted real food, I was so hesitant to give any to him, even when he clearly wanted it and seemed to know what he was doing. I came across a book called "Baby Led Weaning" (doesn't really have anything to do with weaning, just a way of feeding baby solids). It has some really interesting ideas. We don't follow it 100%, but for the most part Isaac eats whole foods, some cut up in pieces and he feeds himself. He LOVES it!

Just thought I'd share.

Oh and yes, the older one is going to want to do everything the baby does. Maddie constantly wants to be "baby Maddie" and crawl around, learn how to clap, eat baby food, drink from a sippy cup, etc, etc. I go with it because I know it's her way of dealing with all the attention we give Isaac.

Your girls are super sweet! :-)


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