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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our 4th of July Week Activities

It was really only a few days, actually, that we did planned activities. After our letter P week last week....I felt like my creative juices had run dry! And with the holiday weekend coming up....I think my brain and body were in 'holiday' mode.

The first thing we did...I pulled out 3 different sized star-shaped cookie cutters, 3 paper plates...and red, white, and blue paints. (This idea was inspired by this post from Children's Learning Activities blog). And the reason I am showing this next picture of the 'set-up' is because.... this never happens!!! On this particular day, both girls were napping at the same I was able to have everything set up oh-so nice and neat for when Parker woke from her nap.

She dipped the stars in the paints and 'stamped' them onto the paper. I just love how she would get the paint on her fingers and just wipe it right onto her shirt!

We also did a Red, White, and Blue sensory tub with rice. I have wanted to try to color the rice for a while now....and so I thought this was the perfect time! (You just put the rice in a plastic bag....add food coloring...close bag and mix...then lay out to dry on waxed paper. So simple!) She has played with this several times this week!

And I normally do NOT let her bring these into the living room....but she snuck by me.

And tried to clean off the table by dusting them into her hand like I grains of rice ended up in her hand....and ended up on the floor instead. ;)

Yesterday, we made red (sort of pink looking, if you ask me!), white, and blue cupcakes. I wasn't even having a craving for them, or anything.....but just wanted to do something 4th of July-ish in the kitchen with her this week. It's a holiday tradition, right? Baking?

She had fun helping me....

Until she got bored.....which was right as I started filling the cupcake papers.....and she ventured to the sink to fill up bottles with water, as usual.

Before they went into the oven....

I guess I got a little too excited and filled the cups a little too full. But I think I like them this way....

She started to partake in the festivities again when there was eating involved!!

But I think she had the most fun when it was time to decorate with frosting and sprinkles!

Don't worry....I left to get ready while Geoff and Parker finished the job....and although this was her very same cupcake.....the icing had been put on it THREE times!!!! When the cat's away......

She loved putting on the sprinkles....

And I don't know about you....but her way of putting on sprinkles {everywhere} kind of looks better than my 'nice and neat' way.

Getting every last sprinkle into her mouth by hand....

Then she decided...."Forget the cupcake! Forget using my hands! I'll just drink them!"

Luckily, my sweet baby girl never finished the icing off of her cupcake (the third time, anyway)....and drank some water to wash down all of that sugar!


Viv said...

They look yummy though! I love that she likes to be in the kitchen. She is a doll baby!

Mama to 5 said...

what great 4th of July activities! You are very creative!

Fiona said...

Cool 4th July activities. I want to try coloured rice too-must buy some food colouring

Our Family for His Glory said...

Your girls are precious! & it looks like a fun week! I like the rice idea & will have to try that! - Where did you hang your clothesline for the art work?- I like that idea:)

Theresa Mezo said...

What a fun tot school week!
Love the star painting & the cupcakes look so yummy! :)


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