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Friday, July 16, 2010

This week.

I took a picture of the moon. After I put the girls in bed and cleaned up around the house....I went outside to water the garden. As I was finished and walking back to turn the faucet off....I noticed the crescent moon and the clear blue sky. I rarely take pictures of the's not like we really have the best view or anything.

But on this night...the moon took my breath away. It wasn't full.....but crescent-shaped. And I loved how you could see the bright part of the moon.....but even clearly you could see the un-lit part of the moon.

Parker asked where Jesus was. I told her He was in heaven.

She said, "I need to see Jesus in Heaven."

I told her that we would see Jesus in Heaven one day.

She said, "Yeh....where's Santa Claus?"

Funny....yet absolutely amazing to me.

I have not really talked to her about Heaven. And when I told her that's where Jesus was....I was expecting her to ask me where Heaven was. But she didn't. She just accepted that that's where He was and moved on.

And Santa Claus? We haven't talked about Santa in 6 months!! So for her to know that Jesus is real and we don't see Him.....and then to relate that Santa is 'real' but we don't see him (at least right now, we don't see him) or where he lives either. I was (and still am) in awe of how this sweet little mind works.

Grace ate her first avocado. At first....she seemed to really like it. Then she started making faces. Now....she turns her head! Go figure.

Big Sister wanted in on the action, as well!

We learned all about the letter Mm.

Grace took a bath in the big tub with the big girls.

It's been a pretty good week here!

Happy Friday! And hope you all have a great weekend!


Viv said...

The moon pics were awesome! You know how I feel about pictures you take anyway! Plus I could NEVER have or see too many pictures of the girls. They make my smile so much! Thank you!

Jodie said...

Love the moon pics. I still get amazed by the beauty of things in nature all the time!

Our Family for His Glory said...

I just love reading about your family! And what sweet faces from Grace with the avacado :)


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