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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look who's sitting up....

....all by herself!!

I guess it was about two weeks ago (I don't have an exact date....because when would you start counting? When she first sat by herself, regardless of the length of time?)....Grace started being able to sit up by herself for seconds at a time. Each day we 'practiced'....and each day she could sit up for longer.

I kept meaning to take pictures....but because she is still wobbly....I didn't feel comfortable leaving her to sit all by herself while I took a picture. And when Geoff was home, the moment never arose. And I can put a pillow or boppy behind her (which I still do)...but she falls forward, as well. she is sitting for almost 10-15 minutes at a time with no help!! So today when she was fresh up from her nap and raring to go....I sat her up to take a few pictures.

I think this makes Parker excited. She immediately sat in front of her and started reading her one of those crinkly books. And Grace seemed very intent.


Our Family for His Glory said...

Oh- she is just so precious! I love all of those little milestones!

Kristin said...

Such a big girl!!!

Kat said...

Wow good job Grace!!! She's so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Granny says, I love it and
the way she kisses her granny.
So enjoyed the visit and the
lunch. Until next time. Parker
even touched grannys hair.

Milstead said...

Grace, you're the coolest!


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