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Monday, July 26, 2010

Come Monday.....

As the week passes....I get increasingly excited for the weekend to come. I look forward to seeing Geoff more.....and with that.....usually comes more help with the girls!

But as it turns out.....come Monday I am so worn out from the weekend. Does this happen to you??

Starting Friday.....we fried okra from our garden. It was so so so very good! Just picked 5 more this morning and looking forward to it again this weekend! Yum!

It was a good Friday. Nothing too hectic.

Saturday came.

5:45- Grace up and ready to start the day.
0700- Parker up. Grace down for her nap. Got Parker and myself ready....took her to get donuts....then off to Target.
08:50- Home from Target.
0900- Parker feels it necessary to go into Grace's room, get into her crib with her (yes- Grace was still sleeping!!) that she can give her her Lovey????
0901- Grace up about 30 minutes early from her nap.

After that...I lost track of time.

My uncle had given us some butternut squash....and I have been saving it to make Grace some nutrient-rich, FREE baby food!

And, of course, I got the bright idea to do it on this day. It is very simple, really.....but honestly- I do believe that next time I will do all baby food making after the girls are in bed!!

I use the instructions from Wholesome Baby Food to make the baby food.

Cut in half lengthwise.

Scoop out seeds!

Place face down in a baking dish and bake on 400 for about 40 minutes.

Get out of the oven....spoon out the 'meat.'

From here, I just mashed it all in a bowl....then spooned it into ice cube trays. After it froze....I popped them out to store in freezer bags.

I also made baby food applesauce. I made some cubes full of just apples, just butternut squash, and some with an apple-squash combo.

I got this new dish brush while at Target....and Parker fell in love. Seriously. This was her favorite toy on Saturday. She felt compelled to brush her sisters legs and feet? Good thing is...Grace didn't seem to mind. ;)

Grace is now sitting in her big girl booster seat during meals!

Then I made some strawberry ice cream to take to a bbq at a friend's house that was supposed to start 5:30pm....and by 5pm...I had still not showered for the day! So needless to say....I did not make it to the bbq (so very sorry Kelley!)....but did end up with 6 quarts of strawberry ice cream all to myself. Just what I need.

So Saturday was just one of those days.....that the house ended up looking like this. And stayed looking like this until I got the girls in bed. And in all honesty....that laundry basket, plus one more, is sitting in my living room as I type, with clean clothes, ready to be folded and put away.

Sunday was church.....then we went to my mom's to do some sewing. Parker hung out with her Poppa all afternoon....while Grace hung out with us.

This is the newest dress we've made. I am hoping to take Grace's 6 month pictures in it tomorrow morning!! Wish me luck!

Needless to say.....

Come Monday
.....I'm just ready to spend some good ole time at home with my my pjs.


Viv said...

the girls are such doll babies. The squash looked yummy to me, I love squash, not to mention the strawberry ice cream.

Jodz said...

In New Zealand we have just finished two weeks of school hols and I feel like I need a holiday now. I am shattered. I think the dress is so gorgeous.

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

I agree with Aunt B, the strawberry ice cream sure looks good!
I love Grace's face in the last picture, the one in the middle. Have you noticed her doing that lately? Both boys did that when they were 6 months! We called it the bitter beer face! :)

Mrs. Ramsey said...

I love the dress!!!


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