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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grace's 6 month "hicc-up"

Grace had her 6 months check-up this afternoon. And so this morning I told Parker that we were going to take her to the doctor.

She replied with, "Uh-huh. Because she is soooooo sick!"

I said, "She's not sick. She just has to have a check-up....where the doctor is going to listen to her heart with a stethoscope and she's going to get a little shot."

Later in the morning...we heard Geoff's alarm go off. I told her Daddy was up so let's go see him.

She ran in there....said, "Daddy! Get up!"

Then she said, "We have to take baby Grace to the doct-uw today because she has the hiccups!"
Geoff said, "Baby Grace has the hiccups?"
I laughed and said, "No baby....Grace doesn't have the hicc-ups....we have to go for her check-up!"

6 month stats:

Height: 26.25 inches (75th percentile)...

Weight: 15lbs 7.5 ounces (50th percentile)....

She has not grown in length at all since her 4 month visit...and she has only gained just under a pound! The doctor said she wasn't concerned at this point since she has been a solely breastfed baby....but if we continue to see her growth curve go down...then we might get concerned. I think adding in foods should help this. 4 months....she was still eating 1-2 times at night. We have now cut out the night feedings {most of the time}. So...I am not really worried about this at all. In addition (and not that this matters)....but Parker's stats were about the same at her 6 month visit... weighing 15 lbs, 4oz...and 26 inches tall.

So here are a few pictures from our visit.....

Staring intently at herself in the mirror.

I took similar pictures like this at her 2 week visit. My, how she's changed!

And this little missy was SO good all day long. So very proud of her! While there....she needed to change Lovey's diaper and Lovey needed a shot, too....and Lovey needed to be measured and weighed! Anyway....she got a special treat from Sonic after we left!

Back at home.....we lounged around....played with our toys....and watched Toy Story. I took a few pictures.

Grace got a shot in each leg.....and one vaccine was given by mouth. She cried exactly 1.002 seconds after the first injection occurred....which is typical. And exactly 1.002 seconds after picking her up....she stopped crying. This is what I was hoping for!!

Hello, Mommy!

How about some good ole tasty feet? Anybody???

They entertained her for a good 15 minutes. ;)

The pediatrician also suggested that I just buy her baby food instead of make it..... because the baby food making people have the 'perfect' consistency figured out...and that babies generally like that food better. I am a bit skeptical....only because I really do think that these fresh purees are probably better for you than the baby food that is in the jar/plastic package with all of its preservatives and such. Right?

But at the same homemade baby food isn't doing the trick....she does not like it! She spits it out...gags. Nothing! And she really does need to start eating more than just my milk! She also mentioned that maybe I could just buy her baby food now...and then once she gets a little better at eating.... I could switch back to mine.

I do plan on buying her food....however...I did not have a chance to make it to the store this I thought I'd give my apple/squash mixture one more try and put it in my magic bullet with a little more water and just puree the heck out of it.

Don't you think this looks like the store bought kind?

Nice and smooth?

Don't let this grin fool you! She spit out almost everything I put in her mouth! least there was no gagging this time!! Ha!

I love this photo. Her face. Her eyes looking up at me. I snapped this right as I was about to pick her up out of the booster seat. I just wish it was in focus! :)


Janie said...

I love her in the first picture....soo precious!! But then she looks that way in all the pics!
Good luck with the store bought baby food. My kids didn't go for my homemade food or the stores. They all ended up going straight to table foods. LOL!!
Good luck!

Jennifer said...

If Hudson has baby food in a jar I buy the Earth's Best Organic in a glass jar. Thank goodness he's eating more table food now since it's almost a $1 a jar, but my local grocery store has had it buy 1 get 1 and I stocked up one time :) But I would just keep trying-have you tried adding breast milk instead of water?

Our Family for His Glory said...

Those pictures are absolutely adorable!!! And what a sweet story of having to go to the doctor for hiccups. I'm glad all is well! :)

Kristin said...

Such cute pictures! Glad that Parker was such a good girl for you!!

Viv said...

Precious pics. She is perfect! Sorry she had to get a shot, but know it's good for her over all future health. Tell Parker Aunt "B" sure is proud of how good she is.

Emily said...

that mirror picture is the cutest thing ever!!!

Kat said...

Great pictures, she is so happy and cute!


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