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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Splish, SPLASH!!

This is a video taken a couple of nights ago of the girls in the bath together. Grace has been in the big girl tub at Aunt Sis's house.....but this was the first time that I bathed them together here at home.

If you have a minute....I believe this video is sure to make you smile. Sometimes I feel like I love these girls more and more each day (even though I feel like I love them more than anything already!)....and I love that they are sisters and that will have each other growing up. I seriously have these moments when I just smile and get a tear in my eye. Maybe I am getting to be a softy as I age?

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! :)


Viv said...

Made me smile, made my day as usual!

Audrey Sue's Mommy said...

Yep! Made me smile, you were right.

They are going to fight each other, fight for each other, and Love each other. Sisters are awesome!

Jessica said...


I agree that making baby food is better. I started out with avocados and sweet potatoes. I think you've mentioned this site before but I used for ideas. And for times I didn't feel like making it, we used Happy Baby brand frozen baby food (all organic and no added ingredients).

Megan said...

Nothing sweeter than that! :-)


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