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Sunday, February 26, 2012

a 4 yr old and a round brush

These 2 things do not go together. ;)

The girls spent the night with my mom on Friday night.  I picked them up Saturday morning.....and right when I walked in the door....I hear Parker crying.

I initially think, "Great.  It's already started.  She's crying because she doesn't want to go home with me."


What had happened was.....about 20 minutes before I got there....she had picked up my mom's round brush....and somehow.....did this.......

I felt bad for her....but really I think I felt worse for my mom and Terry.  They felt bad it had happened....but really- totally not their fault!

I tried to get it untangled for a bit....but then text Geoff the above picture with a message of what happened.  I called to tell him that it was pretty bad....and I really thought we might have to cut it out.

We decided to head home....she rode home brush on head and all.  Surprisingly...she didn't cry on the way home, which I was so thankful for.

It took Geoff a good 15-20 minutes and he was able to get it out!  Thankfully!

I really do not know how she got it so tangled.

And it's out!  I laugh as I look at this next picture.  It's funny now...but there were times this morning when it wasn't so funny.  ;)

I wasn't in the living room when he finally got it out....I was in the office.  Next thing I know....she's crying running around the house trying to find me.  Kristin's following right behind her trying to get a picture of her 'hair'.

I was going to wash her hair but Geoff disagreed and thought we just needed to go ahead and get the tangles out then.....which is what we did and I think he was right.

So the before.....

Kristin tried for a bit then I ended up slowly working through them with a comb.

Before we left my mom's house, her and Parker discussed how they were going to throw that brush away.  This one's for you, Gramma!  (now that I think about it.....I hope you really did want to throw it away.  if not, we will get you a new one!)

She was bouncing off the walls after this.  Happy to be free from the round brush!


Jodie said...

I had to laugh out loud at this one! I can remember as a kid getting one of those brushes stuck in my hair and to this day I really try not using one. Poor Parker...

Snider Family said...

Marla! I laughed the whole way through! My favorite part is her riding home with the brush in her hair, I was laughing just picturing it!!

However I know at the time it was NOT funny at all. Glad we can laugh with you about it now!

Kristin said...

Oh man I laughed again looking through these pictures. I know that it wasn't funny when we thought you were going to have to cut her hair. But those pictures are priceless! She will love looking at these when she is 20!! HAHA!!

Jennifer said...

I needed to laugh that hard tonight! I hate it for y'all, but I could see that being Landree and I couldn't stop laughing. Glad you didn't have to cut her hair!

Viv said...

Bless her heart and bless y'alls as well as Crystal & Terry. It did make me laugh when it was finally out but felt so sorry for her. I'll bet she will never do that one again!

Dawn said...

Poor girl!! I had to laugh though. Your sweet, patient husband...I bet that took forever!

Megan said...

Poor baby!! So glad ya'll got it out!


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