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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Pictures {November 2013}

We had these pictures taken back in early November by Amy Parks Photography, but I wanted to wait until I got Christmas cards out to post the pictures.  Well...and happens and so they are just now getting posted.  I have also been working on a 'remembering 2013' post for the past few days and I'm about over it...and I'm only to July.  Eventually.  Sigh.

I must say, this has been the year of family pictures.  
We got pictures back in March....they were maternity and some of the last pictures of us as a family of 4.
Then we had newborn pictures done.  Which we only had 1 family picture then...the focus was Nolan, but still.
And now these.  My plan: to get pictures done only once a year from now on...preferably in the fall.  Geoff will appreciate this.  ha!

Love this one.


Viv said...

Love all the pictures and especially loved the Christmas card this year too. She takes amazing ones but then you do too!

Anonymous said...

all so sweet Hard to believe they are part of me and mine.
love ya,

Lisa Williams said...

Love all the pictures!


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