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Sunday, March 1, 2009

She loves "Word World"...

Word World is an educational show that comes on Monday through Friday on KERA-PBS. I was actually introduced to this show before Parker was even born by my friend Jodie. So when I found out about it...I stored it in my "Will Need to Know in the Future" folder in my brain. So a few weeks ago we tried to let her watch a little bit of it. I had originally not wanted her to start watching TV until she was 2...but you happened and so now she is watching TV at 17 months old. She absolutely loves this show. And we do, too. She really only watches it for about 5 or 10 minutes...about as long as her attention span can stretch these days. But it is so funny because our TV makes a little chiming sound when you turn it on...and so she can be in the other room and hear into the living room where Geoff is and say, "Wor-Wor?" Or she will pick up the remote and point it to the TV...or even bring us the remote and say, "Wor-Wor?" And we say, "No Word World right now." We have gotten really good about telling her no and only letting her watch it once a day (....except for maybe every now and then in the evening if she is extra fussy and Momma is also extra tired from waking up at 4:45 in the morning to go to the hospital and school all day...then the TV may accidentally turn itself on to Word World for a second time in one day).

Today I turned it on and to my surprise she was dancing all around and laughing. I have seen her get excited before, but never to this degree. So during lunch I told Geoff what she did and he said that he had actually been working on getting her to dance during the introducion. So when we were done with lunch, we turned it back on and this time I was armed with the video camera. Geoff and I were laughing pretty hard under our breaths. He said that he had not seen it to this degree either!

And one more thing..... Please excuse a) the filming...I was laughing and she was moving a little faster than I had anticipated...but you will still get the main gist... and b) the clutter that is seemingly everywhere in our home.


Viv said...

What a doll, guess I'll have to store that one too, never heard of Word World but I live and learn....she was so happy. (Oh, and by the way, I love her jammies, won't be long and she will grown out of them)....Love you all.

Jodie said...


Monica Jackson said...

Too cute! Abbey loved watching Parker run around, and kept saying, "Baby! Baby!"


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