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Friday, May 3, 2013


Just wanted to drop in real quick to post my phone photos from the week before I get too far behind.

This week has truly flown by.  Hard to believe that the picture below is from 6 days ago.  I took a little time to take pictures of my pregnant belly one last time.

In church on Sunday- Parker used these stickers to make this picture of our soon-to-be family of 5.

Then- Monday, April 29th....this little guy was born...

Parker holding Nolan.  The love and enthusiasm she has for him has been so much fun to experience.

Ready to go home!  Sweet boy.

 Our hearts {and car} are full!!  Headed home with all of our babies.

I tried to gather up a few games to play with the girls that would help keep us entertained on the days we're stuck at home.  Candy Land is one of them.

 Geoff has been so good to all of us...and this morning he took both girls with him to run errands and I had 2 hours with this little guy.  He slept the whole time and I was able to shower (wonderful!!) and just spend some time in the quiet.  Much needed.



Tacy said...

awwww! congrats! so cute :) stopping by from liferearranged. :)

Viv said...

Made me smile sweet girl! Loved all the pictures but the one in the car is absolutely priceless!

Jessica said...

Congrats! I love the pictures from the last week. Especially the ones of Parker with Nolan. I was almost in tears, it was so sweet. And I love the car pic too. I'm so happy for y'all. kudos to G for taking care of his lovely family. A great hubby and Daddy :-)


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