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Monday, April 8, 2013

an afternoon at the lake

Last Friday...the girls and I headed to a nearby lake where my dad had taken their travel trailer to enjoy a week away.

They had a pretty nice view!

My niece, Payton

Grace doesn't look too excited here...but she was.  They all were.  They just loved getting in and playing in the travel trailer.

Not long after we got there....we all loaded up and headed to the lake for a boat ride.

Only 4 people can ride at a time...which worked out perfectly because Parker didn't want to ride...and I didn't really want to ride with just being so big pregnant.

Love this picture of Grace.

Pictures while on the boat...compliments of Kristin.....

Kristin said that Grace was making her so nervous.  She had no fear leaning over the boat to look at the water.  So funny to me (sorta).  She's not scared of a BIG body of water and what may be swimming in it.  But she IS afraid of Mickey Mouse.  Haha!  :)

Meanwhile...back at the campsite...

So we went back to our site and let Parker walk around in the sand by the lake.

She found some sea shells...

Got her feet wet....

And wrote her name in the sand....

Kristin called us when they were ready for us to head back to the boat ramp to pick them up.

Waiting patiently for their return....

Parker did get into the boat with Kristin and Dad while he was pulling the boat back onto the trailer.  She loved it.

Then they all road back to the site in the boat.  Which they all thought was so neat.

They had a small little snow cone shop near the boat ramp that Papaw and Gran treated us to...
A little overpriced...but so good!  Kristin, Gran, and the kids walked to the place...I joined them a little later by driving the short distance.  :)

Dinner time!  Steaks, baked potatoes. and corn.  Yum!

The girls had so much fun just playing the trailer...and in the parked boat.  :)

They had lots of fun playing on the boat...until my girls finally hit 'melt down' mode....and then it was time to stop.  But it was fun wile it lasted.  :)

Dad, Parker, Payton, and Grace (right after quick showers that Aunt Sis gave everyone...thank you!!)

Parker, Payton, Grace, Gran, and Papaw.

It was SO nice to get away...even if it was just for the afternoon.  Looking forward to more of this in the future!

1 comment:

Viv said...

All of them made me smile plus get a little teary-eyed. I need to not be so emotional! I'm sort of with Parker, I'm not big on boat rides either!


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