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Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY Burlap Family Rules Sign

Since about 18-19 weeks in this pregnancy I've considered myself to be in 'nesting mode'.  I've mentioned before that we've lived in this house just over 3 and half years and I'm just now getting around to 'decorating' and hanging things on the wall.

I've seen these family rules signs all around.  There are many many ways to do it.  But I saw a burlap sign when visiting trade days recently and thought I could maybe do it myself.

So I picked up one yard of burlap (at 40% off)....and this frame at 50% off (all at Hobby Lobby) and cut it a few inches bigger than 18x24 (but if I were you....give yourself quite a bit more room around the edges...then you won't have to worry about having enough around the edges when it comes to centering in the frame).

I also picked up some charcoal gray paint, this stencil and brushes (all were on sale except the brushes).

Then I just started stenciling.  I kind of eyeballed/half way measured where I needed to start.  Fortunately- I did pretty well centering it from top to bottom....but if I had it to do over...I would have started more to the left.  I thought I might have to stop and let the letters dry before moving to the next, but I didn't.  I didn't lay the paint on too thick so I think that helped.  Also- you can see some places where it left spots...but I kind of like that look.  :)

I then purchased a tan piece of foam board (at 50% off).  White could possibly be fine...but I was worried if you could see through the burlap- I wanted it to be tan, too.  Geoff did a great job cutting the foam board so that it fit nice and snug into the frame.

Geoff painted a coat of mod podge on top of the foam board and glued down the burlap (this was to help keep it stable for framing).

We let it dry overnight...and the next morning...Geoff basically just popped the foam board with the burlap into the frame.  Because of the snug fit- we didn't have to use nails or anything else to keep it inside.

And the finished product.  I added 2 little burlap rosettes that I made to give it a little something.

Right now- I have it hanging just past our entry way....but not quite sure that's where I want to keep it.  We'll see.

I do love how it turned out though.  Not perfect...and part of me wants to redo it. :)  But the imperfections are growing on me.

And I do love what it says, too.


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Kristin said...

I love that!!! Wish I had somewhere in my house to hang something like that!!

Courtney said...

I love that!! And I love the frame you picked. I think it looks great.

I'm totally enamored with all things burlap these days. I may just have to make one myself :)

Viv said...

I love it! Do not see any imperfections at all!

Sanz said...

I love it!

Natasha said...

I love it! It looks pretty perfect to me.

Unknown said...

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