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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

mini bathroom makeover

We started making over the bathroom months ago....and I think I can finally say it is done.  It's actually the only room in the house right now that doesn't have something that still needs to be done.  :)

These pictures are really poor quality because there is no natural light and the lens I used, but you get the picture.

This is the kids' bathroom (also the bathroom that guests use since we do not have a half bath).  Just a regular ole bathroom with two sinks, toilet, and tub.  ;)



We {read: Geoff) painted the walls     by Behr (these pictures make it look a little green, but it's not at's more of a taupe color and I really, really like it).  I knew I wanted to add some 'color' because I have so much white in there and I just needed add a little something.  ;)  But I have trouble with committing to color.  I love other people's homes that have color on the walls...but for me- I'm so fickle and doubt myself and then drive my myself (read: my husband) crazy. 

Most of the bathroom was inspired by this bathroom.

So Geoff spray painted the molding a glossy black and glued to mirror to make the frame.
I think it adds so much.  Believe it or not...we framed our mirror in our first home waaay before Pinterest.  :)  Our first home was a foreclosure and basically we did a LOT of work to it.  Anyway- we had to take the bathroom mirror down and it accidentally cracked.  He came up with the idea to frame it and I always told him that it was a great mistake to make because it made such a difference in the bathroom!

I saw this sign on pinterest, as well, and knew it was what I wanted to go in their bathroom.

I purchased this white shower curtain soon after we moved in.  I did try to get a different shower curtain over the summer and it hung in there for a few months, but I just wasn't feeling it.  So I put the white curtain back up....which then motivated me to add the color to the walls because it was just too white!  :)

With baby #3 coming...I also knew I needed a better way to hang their towels to dry.  We had the original towel rack that is good for drying 1, maybe 2, towels at a time.  Not very functional.

So when I saw this a while back...I knew that's what I wanted to do.

My sister, Kristin, made these towels for the kids and my mom embroidered their names.  I love how all of this turned out.  And, of course, after Nolan is born...we'll take new pictures for those frames.  :)

I guess I would like to still change out the light fixtures....but this will do for now.


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Kristin said...

Love the bathroom and the towels look so good in there!!

Sanz said...

It looks awesome! Love the color and the wall hanging made me smile! Cute towels too. You must've made them?

controlling craziness said...

Great job. My favorite part is the towels and pictures above it. So cute - your sister did a good job with that.

Unknown said...

Your bathroom looks amazing! Makes me want to finally tackle mine :)
Love the sign & the towels.


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