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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bless her heart...

I worked last night.  And when I came home this morning....I was greeted by a happy and cheerful 4 year old.  I got cleaned up and changed.  It was a little after 8am and I asked Geoff if Grace was still asleep.  Just then- we heard over the monitor, "Momma!  Momma!" 

She sounded happy and normal.  And although I was tired, I told Geoff I'd go get her and change her then head straight to bed.

Only- Parker was really excited to go see her and beat me in there.  We heard her over the monitor yell, "Mommy!  Come in here and look at this!  Grace poo-pooed all over the bed!"


Only I get in there only to discover that poor baby had thrown up sometime in the night and got. it. everywhere!  Everywhere.  On the crib, the walls, the carpet, her hair.  Bless her heart.

Quick bath and some cuddle time with Grace while Geoff ran to the store real quick to get some gingerale, pedialyte and gatorade.

I went ahead and laid down because I was going on 24 hours awake.  I woke up for some reason thinking she was healed and not really sick.  Just a fluke.

But she was still sick....and running fever.

Geoff said not long after I laid down she got sick one more time.  She was upset and said, "Daddy hold me."  He told her he would in a minute but to go lay down in the living room and he'd be right there.  In her sweet little voice she replied, "ohteh Daddy" and headed into the living room.

When he made it in the living room....he found she had laid her blanket down in the floor and was just laying there.  So sad.

He got her up and laid her on the couch....

And Parker was SO good today.  Very thoughtful of her sister and how she did not feel well.  She was a big helper and would give Grace whatever she wanted.

I hated that I had to sleep and then go into work again tonight.  But thankful for a wonderful husband and father that is so good to his girlies.  (And thankful he has a job where he is not penalized for calling in when he or his family is sick!)


Good news!  Before bed she did eat a small pancake and I think maybe fever free.'s hoping to no one else in the house getting the bug!  You know.....we talk to our girls a lot about sharing.  But this is the one thing I really wish they'd keep to themselves.


Viv said...

Bless her little heart, so sorry that she was sick. Hope that she's all better now and praying no one else gets it too.

Kristin said...

Poor baby, those pictures made me sad. I hate that she is sick! And I hope too no one else gets it and she is better on her Birthday!


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